Optimize Your Athletic Performance and Reduce Recovery Time with Therapeutic Massage

Optimize Your Athletic Performance and Reduce Recovery Time with Therapeutic Massage

Optimize Your Athletic Performance and Reduce Recovery Time with Therapeutic Massage

If you are an athlete, you likely already understand the importance of maintaining good health, especially when it comes to competing in the sport you love. But did you know that working with an experienced physical therapist can hugely improve your athletic performance and your overall health, especially when you’re recovering from an injury?

When it comes to helping athletes heal from painful injuries, many physical therapists rely on a technique known as therapeutic massage.

If you’re an athlete whose aches and pains suggest that there’s something missing from your cool-down routine, contact Cedar Hill Physical Therapy & Wellness Center in Greensboro today to learn about our customizable treatment plans. And in the meantime, take a look at just a few of the benefits of therapeutic massage.

5 ways athletes benefit from therapeutic massage

1. Better circulation.

Regular massage as a part of your physical therapy program can significantly improve your circulation. Improved circulation ensures that your muscles receive the necessary blood supply to avoid stiffness and tension. Your muscles will work and feel better after a therapeutic massage.

2. Muscle relaxation.

This advantage may be the best-known benefit of massage, but muscle relaxation takes on a whole new level of importance for athletes. Muscle pain, soreness, and tightness are remarkably common for athletes— but regular therapeutic massage helps combat these issues. These benefits help athletes through each step of the recovery process and can help optimize athletic performance even after you’ve recovered from an injury.

3. Boosted immune system.

Getting sick can be especially difficult for athletes. Just one bad cold or flu can keep you away from your favorite sport for weeks, and you might not feel your best for a long time afterwards. Fortunately, therapeutic massage helps boost your immune system’s natural defenses. During a massage, your body’s natural cytotoxic capacity is triggered, which means your immune system will be able to fight off illness, germs, and bacteria more effectively.

4. Breaking up painful adhesions.

When you become injured, your body forms adhesions, or bands of tough scar tissue, around the injury site. Left untreated, these adhesions can cause serious pain, restrict your movement, and delay your recovery for a lengthy amount of time.

The good news is these painful adhesions can be effectively treated using therapeutic massage. Your physical therapist will use targeted techniques to loosen up your muscles and break up the adhesions. Addressing adhesions through therapeutic massage is an essential component of your physical therapy program, as it aids in both pain relief and improves your range of motion.

5. Posture improvement.

When combined with other forms of physical therapy, massage can significantly improve your posture by bringing your body into a more natural and optimal place of alignment.

When you maintain proper posture, your body can move at its peak at all times, which means you’ll have a natural advantage when playing your sport. Proper posture and good body mechanics can also help with long-term injury prevention.

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As an athlete, you are constantly pushing and redefining the physical limits of your body. Competing and reaching new fitness goals can be incredibly exciting, but it’s important not to lose sight of your most important asset on the court or the field, your health.

That’s why it’s critical to recognize and treat painful symptoms when they arise and give your health the attention it deserves. Your physical therapist will create a personalized treatment plan for you, designed in response to your specific injury or fitness goals.

With physical therapy you will gain access to a wide variety of pain-relieving and healing modalities, including therapeutic massage.

If you’re looking for noninvasive solutions for pain and injury, or if you simply want to be the best athlete you can be, contact our physical therapy team today to get started on a plan that will help you achieve your optimum physical performance.