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Therapeutic Exercise


Therapeutic Exercise at Cedar Hill Physical Therapy Can Ease Aches and Pains

Simply put, therapeutic exercise involves movement prescribed to correct an impairment, restore function, or maintain a state of well-being. The benefits of therapeutic exercise

Many people believe that someone doing physical therapy is healing from a recent operation. However, that is not always the case. Physical therapy provides a multitude of benefits for anyone wishing to restore or maintain their strength, endurance, flexibility, or stability.

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Benefits of therapeutic exercise

Here at Cedar Hill Physical Therapy Greensboro, our therapeutic exercise programs are aimed at improving your ability to move, so you can move better and feel better.

Therapeutic exercise is one of the core skills upon which the profession of physical therapy is based. Therapeutic exercise goes beyond a typical exercise program by providing a specific regimen aimed at relieving pain and restoring you to your optimum level of physical function.

Therapeutic exercise can also be used as a way to prevent additional impairment or disability when facing certain physical risks.

There is a wide variety of therapeutic exercises and each one has a unique purpose. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Aerobic conditioning – increase heart and lung efficiency
  • Agility training – helps the body to maintain proper alignment and posture during movement
  • Body mechanics training – helps you avoid muscle fatigue and injuries as you perform activities of daily living.
  • Breathing exercises – improve blood flow, increase oxygenation of tissues, and strengthen the diaphragm
  • Coordination and balance exercises – improve stability and help prevent falls
  • Neuromuscular Re-education – restore normal body movement patterns
  • Perceptual training – improve the ability of the sensory system to respond to stimuli
  • Range of motion exercises – increase joint movement, maintain joint function, improve movement efficiency, decrease pain
  • Relaxation exercises  reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Strength training – weight loss, improve your ability to do everyday activities and protect your joints from injury

How Paul, Our Physical Therapist, can improve your well-being

It is a common misconception that one should constantly rest when they are in pain. When you’re in pain, your immediate reaction may be to lie down or get in bed, however, this can lead to decreased functionality and more pain in the long run.

The good news is that physical therapy with Cedar Hill Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in Greensboro, NC can help you. Paul the Physical Therapist is an expert in movement, trained in improving strength, range of motion, and overall function of the body.

At Cedar Hill Physical Therapy, our goal is to help you live a pain-free life with even greater strength and endurance than you had before.

Paul the Physical Therapist will design an individualized treatment plan for you that is equipped with the therapeutic exercises you need to alleviate your pain, strengthen the weak areas of your body, promote the healing process, and restore optimum levels of function.

Let us help you feel better, faster

If you want a life with less pain and greater strength and endurance, request an appointment at Cedar Hill Physical Therapy Greensboro today to learn more about therapeutic exercise and how it can help you reach your physical goals and allow you to live the life you want!

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