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Joint Mobilization


Mobilize Your Joints with Physical Therapy!

While joint mobilization is a highly effective treatment choice, many patients are unaware of its advantages.

Cedar Hill Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in Greensboro, NC is proud to provide joint mobilization strategies to our patients in need.

This method of treatment entails the passive movement of specific joints. Paul the Physical Therapist may apply pressure or force on a joint in a specific direction for a specific length of time and at varying intensity levels to help deliver the desired treatment effect.

The treatment is usually pain-free and Paul the Physical Therapist will alter treatment guided by feedback from the patient on comfort.

If you think that our joint mobilization techniques can help you, please contact us today for more information!

How do joints work?

A joint is defined as a connection between two bones in the skeletal system.

Joints can be classified by the type of tissue that connects the bones (fibrous tissue, cartilage or enclosed within a fluid-filled capsule), or by the degree of movement permitted (immovable, slightly moveable, or freely moveable).

Joints are supported by a wide range of anatomical structures including cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Joint pain can arise from any part of the joint including supporting structures, but most commonly, joint pain refers to arthritis or arthralgia, which is inflammation or pain from within the joint itself.

Joint pain can be mild, causing soreness only after certain activities, or it can be severe, making even limited movement extremely painful.

The benefits of joint mobilization include the reduction of pain, improved range of motion, and improved quality of the joint movement itself (known as arthrokinematics).

Conditions joint mobilization can treat

Joint mobilization can improve the range of motion, reduce pain, and improve the mechanics of a joint to help with things such as lifting your arm, bending your spine, or walking.

Any patient with joint stiffness or pain can benefit from joint mobilization.  It is generally not used on patients with excessive joint flexibility or fused joints.

Specific conditions that can be successfully managed with joint mobilizations include:

  • Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
  • Arthritis (especially of the shoulder, spine, elbow, hip, and knee)
  • Bursitis
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Dislocation
  • Epicondylitis (golfer’s or tennis elbow)
  • Facet joint locking
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rotator cuff tears and sprains
  • Sciatica and other types of nerve impingement syndromes
  • Sprains or Strains
  • Tendinitis
  • Whiplash

What is a typical joint mobilization session like?

At Cedar Hill Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, expect a thorough assessment during your initial appointment. We will analyze and examine everything from your range of motion, balance, pain, and posture to design the appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

We will be able to build a personalized care plan to meet your specific needs based on our examination results, as well as the details we collect from asking you about your current and past medical background.

With joint mobilization techniques, Paul the Physical Therapist must be able to see or feel the exact joint that he is mobilizing – bearing in mind, of course, that your privacy and comfort are of the utmost concern to him. Be sure to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing to prepare for a physical therapy session with joint mobilization.

At Cedar Hill Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in Greensboro, NC, we will provide you with additional tools if needed to supplement and improve the effects of joint mobilization, such as therapeutic exercises for stability and range of motion or postural neuromuscular retraining.

Ready to add joint mobilization to your treatment plan?

Do you think joint mobilization may be right for you? If so, schedule an appointment at Cedar Hill Physical Therapy and Wellness Center today to learn more about our wide range of physical therapy services that we offer.

Drug-free relief from joint or muscle pain is possible. Get started today!

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