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Greensboro, NC

Paul the Physical Therapist spent the two decades prior to opening Cedar Hill Physical Therapy and Wellness Center listening to patients. Without knowing it, they were telling him exactly what he needed to do to open a truly incomparable physical therapy clinic.

What’s important to you? What does your perfect physical therapy clinic provide?

*I’d like for my therapist to be knowledgeable and make sure I understand my condition and what I need to do to recover.

Absolutely! Expertise is extremely important.

What else do you need?

*I’d like to see the same therapist at each visit.
*I’d like to have my therapist’s full attention. I’m the only patient he works with while I’m there.
*I’d like for my therapist to spend plenty of time with me, an average of an hour at each visit.

Okay. That’s a good start. Keep going.

How else can we provide you with the perfect care?

*My physical therapist’s office should be easy to get in touch with. When I call, I get to speak with an actual person.
*I can generally get in to see my therapist the same day I call or within 24 hours.
*When I arrive, my physical therapist is ready for me. I don’t have to wait.


What else can we do for you?

*Accept my insurance and file my claims for me.
*Be open when I really need you, after work hours and on the weekend.
*Be available to answer questions between visits and have lots of ways I can communicate beyond phone and email, like text, chat, and social media.

Come on!

In your wildest dreams, what would your perfect physical therapy clinic offer?

*They offer telehealth as well.


Your wish is our command at Cedar Hill Physical Therapy and Wellness Center.

What you’ve wished for is exactly what we provide!

In fact, with our unique environment, we are able to offer additional services such as a wellness blog and vlog and wellness workshops such as anti-inflammatory cooking and pain-free gardening among others. In fact, we feel this is such an important part of what we’re about that we added it to our name, Cedar Hill Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. We’re about more than just rehab. We’re about helping you live your best life.

Our Three-Point Care Philosophy

1) Personalized Care

You’re unique and so are your health needs. Paul the Physical Therapist will work with you to design a personalized treatment program based on our innovative assessment process. Paul the Physical Therapist works with only one patient at a time and delivers all treatments personally, allowing an hour or more for each appointment.

2) Comfort & Flexibility

Appointment times are offered throughout the day, evening and on weekends. It’s comfortable, private, and there’s no waiting necessary. The clinic has a peaceful, rural atmosphere in a convenient Northwest Guilford County location. 

3) Expertise

Paul Weiss, PT, Dip. MDT is the only therapist in Greensboro to have earned the advanced diploma from the McKenzie Institute. He is also the area’s leading expert on Stabilization Training in the rehabilitation of low back pain. Paul the Physical Therapist enthusiastically shares his expertise through public speaking, professional workshops, consulting, and mentoring.

Your Next Steps…

  1. Request An Appointment

  2. Receive A Custom Treatment Plan

  3. Work Hard and Progress In Your Recovery

  4. Recover & Enjoy Life Pain-Free!