Improve Your Health At Home With These 5 Activities!

Improve Your Health At Home With These 5 Activities!

Improve Your Health At Home With These 5 Activities!

The Road To Wellness Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

Do you spend your days hobbling painfully from your bed to your reclining chair and back? Does the notion of pursuing any kind of vigorous activity make you cringe? You aren’t alone. Many people avoid physical activity at all costs because they fear aches and pains that come with it.

The truth, however, is that getting active can vastly improve your health, comfort, mobility, and overall quality of life. If you’re looking for more ways to become more physically active at home, keep reading!

The importance of maintaining good health

Being healthy and in good shape doesn’t mean you have to be the most physically fit person in the room. Everything is subjective when it comes to the word “health.” This word refers to the way your body is functioning at its peak in terms of breathing, ventilation, digestion, and other areas.

Every move you take to help your body work at its best is a step toward being a better version of yourself. Our in-home physical therapists will give you workouts, stretches, and dietary advice to help you improve your health and feel better physically.

How can in home physical therapy improve health

Our in-home physical therapists will assess your health and recommend activities that are appropriate for your needs and goals. At the same time, other healthy, beneficial modalities such as massage, ultrasound therapy, dry needling, cold and heat treatments, acupuncture, or laser therapy can be able to improve the benefits of your activities.

These treatments can help with tissue recovery, inflammation relief, pain relief, and the desire to keep going and have fun.

In addition to physical therapy, here are five activity suggestions from our physical therapists that you might genuinely enjoy adding to your lifestyle.

1. Go for a swim

If even walking is too much for you these days, a swim in the pool could be a better option. Since the water reduces the effects of gravity on the body, swimming is extremely beneficial for people with arthritis or extremity injuries.

And if you can’t swim, go for a healthy stroll or paddle with your dog in the water.

2. Take a bike ride

Cycling gets you where you want to go while offering a number of health benefits.

The aerobic workout can help you improve your heart health, while the simple act of operating the bike exercises your balance and builds leg strength. If you have back pain or knee problems, cycling is also lower-impact than running.

3. Try weight training

Lifting weights isn’t just for “muscle-heads” or “gym rats.” It can be beneficial for anyone to lift weights. Weight training will aid in the development of muscle tissue that supports your joints.

Muscles that are stronger are less prone to fatigue and painful strains. Working with weights also helps you keep your bone density to prevent muscle wasting as you get older.

4. Go on a walk

Walking is one of those ideal activities that require no special equipment and makes perfect practical sense. If you have to make a short trip, why waste gasoline when you can get some fresh air and low-impact exercise instead?

Walking gives your circulation a healthy boost without making excessive demands on your body. It also gets your weight-bearing joints moving – and that’s a huge benefit if you struggle with arthritis.

5. Go for a jog

Running is more demanding on the heart, lungs, and knees than walking, but these demands can turn out to be very good for what ails you. The famous “runner’s high” you may have heard so much about seems to offer its own pain-reducing benefits for chronic pain sufferers.

The phrase “no pain, no gain” also seems to apply here. That routine you get from running could encourage your brain to step down its baseline pain sensitivity, making your other aches and pains seem less bothersome.

Other ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes work, but once you get into the groove of it, it becomes much easier. One of the simplest ways to improve your health is to consume healthy foods (although we know those sweets are hard to kick.) Physical activity is the most difficult aspect to develop a habit of, particularly if you are hampered by chronic pain. Fortunately, we provide our services in the safety and comfort of your own home, making physical therapy much more convenient for you.

Some people use anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving drugs to mask their symptoms, while others, regrettably, give up on the thought of being active altogether. Fortunately, there is another option: physical therapy. It is possible to recover your pain-free, active lifestyle and return to the activities you enjoy with the aid of our in-home physical therapists.

Call our clinic today to improve your health

Life is too wonderful to spend it in bed or in your chair all day. If pain is keeping you from being as active as you’d like, contact Cedar Hill Physical Therapy. Get up right now and schedule a visit with one of our physical therapists. It’s the healthiest move you could possibly make!