Physical Therapy: A Natural Path to Pain Relief

Physical Therapy: A Natural Path to Pain Relief

Physical Therapy: A Natural Path to Pain Relief

Did you know that 66% of the United States adult population, or more than 131 million people, use prescription drugs everyday? Some prescription drugs can be helpful, and are important for treating a variety of illnesses, but the national opioid epidemic should encourage us all to think twice about relying on prescription medication for pain-relief.

Fortunately, physical therapy offers a natural and completely safe way to treat pain. If you’re tired of suffering from chronic pain, contact us to discover how we can help you access a natural form of long-lasting pain relief —without any of the harmful side-effects of prescription drugs.

Why should I choose physical therapy over prescription drugs?

We’ve all seen the serious dangers of opioid medications broadcasted in the media. Every day, around 115 Americans die from overdosing on opioids, which include both prescribed and illegal drugs. Opioids are not only extremely powerful, but they also have the potential to mix dangerously with other medicines and are intensely addictive.

Steroids, another type of prescription painkiller, also come with their own set of risks. Epidural steroid injections are commonly used to ease pain, but they can also cause unwanted side effects such as cataracts, arthritis in the hips, high blood sugar, stomach ulcers, and nerve damage.

Even common nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen can induce gastrointestinal bleeding and liver issues in some cases.

Furthermore, these classes of medications only provide pain masking. Taking prescription drugs may help you get through your day, but they can not tackle the root cause of your pain.

The good news is with physical therapy treatments, the actual problem can be addressed. Though some cases of severe pain may still require additional intervention, a physical therapist can help many patients reduce pain and improve mobility, and potentially eliminate the need for medication entirely.

Our highly trained physical therapists employ a combination of therapeutic techniques to treat a wide range of painful conditions. Whether you’re suffering from an acute injury, a post-operative wound, or a chronic pain syndrome, you can find relief in physical therapy.

How does physical therapy work?

At Cedar Hill Physical Therapy, our team of physical therapists will create an individualized treatment plan for you— based on your exact needs.

Your treatment plan will vary based on the nature of your condition; for example, if your pain is being caused by an acute injury, you may be prescribed ultrasound imaging, to discover the route of the problem. Our team leverages several other modalities including orthopedic physical therapy, joint mobilization, and therapeutic exercise to relieve pain and speed up your body’s natural healing process.

Once you can move and exercise without pain, your physical therapist may prescribe you gentle stretches, walking, cycling, swimming, or other activities to assist improving your body’s range of motion. These exercises will help your soft tissues move without pain and keep stiff or arthritic joints mobile and lubricated.

In addition to healing damaged muscles and joints, strengthening exercises can also help you maintain proper posture, which eases pain caused by spinal nerve compression.

Contact Cedar Hill Physical Therapy in Greensboro today to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated therapists and get started on your drug-free road to recovery.